Ray Garrett


   Retiring to St. Simons after a successful career in the advertising business, time was now available to turn my art education and talents to exploring fine art. All forms of art hold some appeal for me, writing, oil & acrylic painting, sculpting in clay, metal, paper, stone and wood. Three dimensional art became my favorite form of expression. I work in a variety of these mediums and experiment with mixing mediums and techniques.   It is my hope that my work will entertain the viewer, even bring a smile or chuckle. Each piece is a challenge to myself to take it from the process of imagination, then utilizing engineering and crafting skills combined in selecting the types of materials, tools, structural support, adhesives, paints, patinas, finishes and mountings.   Completing a piece of art is most satisfying and often surprising to have accomplished it. Clay is a pleasure to work with as it is a fun and forgiving medium, but wood is my favorite. However, wood is not a forgiving medium and many hours of work can be lost with a single error. I think it is that discipline which attracts my interest. Of course, the ultimate compliment is to have someone appreciate my art enough purchase it for their permanent viewing pleasure.   

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